Xtralis Vesda-E VEA VPS-VEA-230UL Power Supply Unit Stax 230UL

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Xtralis Vesda-E VEA VPS-VEA-230UL Power Supply Unit Stax 230UL The VESDA-E VEA Power Supplies are capable of providing operating power for the VESDA-E VEA detector including battery backup. It provides 24 volt operating power to the VEA unit as well as battery charging function that supervises and maintains the standby batteries. Installation The VESDA-E VEA Power Supplies are designed to power the VESDA-E VEA Detector and VESDA-E VEA Relay StaX. Depending on the model number they convert 120VAC or 230VAC input to 24VDC nominal output. These power supplies are intended for use in applications requiring UL and ULC for fire protection signalling. The units must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC), the National Fire Code (NFPA72), and all other applicable local codes necessary for compliance with the local authority having jurisdiction. Space is provided in the VPS-VEA-115UL and VPS-VEA-230UL power supply cabinet for up to two 36AH batteries. For a larger standby capacity, use additional battery enclosures as per local electrical and fire codes. Refer to Installation Instructions for VEA Power Supplies (Document 29843) for detailed installation instructions. Key Features Input 120 VAC and 230 VAC Output 27 VDC/2.8A Continuous, 27 VDC/5 A Alarm Filtered and electronically regulated output AC fail supervision Low AC (brown-out) supervision Battery supervision Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel-type batteries Automatic switch over to standby battery when AC fails AC input LED indicator

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