Vesda Xtralis VSP-860 Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit

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Vesda Xtralis VSP-860 Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit The Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit provides a standardised method of smoke sampling for Refrigerated Storage facilities in a considerably improved manner allowing simplified installation with reduced maintenance, thus promoting more reliable and hassle-free operation. The Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit has been designed to replace standard cone-shaped sampling nozzles installed at the ceiling in existing or new Refrigerated Storage facilities. This kit can be installed in the entire facility or combined with standard sampling points if required. The aim here is to reduce direct ice blockage of the sampling points hence this kit is recommended for installation in areas where higher humidity is likely to occur as a result of vehicle and pedestrian traffic (e.g. areas close to doorways or perimeter of the facility). Key Features Enables the ASD pipe to be installed, inspected and maintained outside the Refrigerated Storage facility hence enabling fire contractors to work in ambient conditions most of the time Suited for facilities with and without ceiling cavities Eliminates the need for expensive HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe inside the Refrigerated Storage facility Eliminates the need for costly access equipment hire for on-going service/maintenance Eliminates the need for heat tracing Less prone to blockage due to icing Provides a generally more robust ASD installation for these unique environments Provides considerably improved aesthetics Minimizes the need for Back Flush systems Offers all round cost savings

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