Vesda Xtralis VPS-250-STX5 VESDA-E STX PSU 2A 24AH

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Vesda Xtralis
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Vesda Xtralis VPS-250-STX5 VESDA-E STX PSU 2A 24AH VESDA-E Power Supply Units are uniquely designed to complement the style and appearance of VESDA-E aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) and are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity to meet the requirement of EN 54-4. The STX variants are VdS certified and CE marked to EN54-4 so are particularly suitable for use in territories where these approvals are required. Style STX Product Range Designed with the same widths and styling of the VESDA-E detectors, these power supplies geometrically blend with the VESDA-E detectors. They feature the same curved profile and also incorporate an internal channel which accommodates the exhaust of the VESDA-E detectors. This is particularly useful when it is necessary to run the 25mm exhaust pipe back to the protected area (back-venting). The units are available in two colours Matt black is standard and works in harmony with the finish of the black plastic VESDA-E detectors (the �P variants) or contrasts with the extruded aluminium finish of other variants. Alternatively, the unit can also be supplied with a grey (RAL 7047) cover which complements the extruded aluminium finish of the premium VESDA-E Detectors. VPS-250-STX5 VPS250-STX5-SLV 3A load with 24Ah batteries (max) These are the deeper units designed for installation with a VESDA-E VEU detector (at all fan speeds). The internal charger is EN 54-4 certified and is rated to provide a 3A continuous 24Vdc supply. There is space for up to 24Ah batteries (not provided). The unit also provides a non-certified setting which enables it to power loads up to 3.4A while recharging batteries up to 24Ah in accordance with EN 54-4.

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