Vesda Xtralis PIP-012 250ml Solvent Cement

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Vesda Xtralis
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Vesda Xtralis 250ml Solvent Cement Solvent cement welding is a simple and quick means of constructing high integrity leak free joints. Care must be used to ensure that the correct solvent cement is used and that joining instructions are followed properly. This specially formulated solvent cement is used with ABS pipe and fittings to join the surfaces together. The solvent cement melts the two surfaces to form a chemical weld when applied correctly between the fittings. Key Features Solvent cement for ABS Contains 250ml Product Information Separate COSHH statement available Intended usage Jointing of pipework Packing 0.25 litre cans Fire Constituents ABS resin dispersed in Methyl Ethyl Ketone Shelf life 12 months minimum Physical Product Data Boiling Point 80C Vapour pressure 100mm Mercury at 25C Vapour density 1.18 at 20C 2.4 at boiling point Specific gravity 0.86 Solubility in Water Miscible Appearance Grey, opaque fluid Strong odour Before Applying Solvent Cement Be aware at all times of good safety practices Solvent cements are flammable Eliminate all ignition sources Do not smoke during use and do not expose to other sources of heat or flame in working or storage areas Avoid breathing vapors Use only with adequate ventilation Explosion proof mechanical ventilation or local exhaust is recommended to maintain vapor concentrations below recommended exposure limits In confined areas, a NIOSH approved organic vapor cartridge respirator with full-face piece is recommended Cement should be stored in the shade at temperatures between 40F and 110F Fire Containers should be kept tightly closed when not in use, and covered as much as possible during use Avoid contact with eyes. Splash proof chemical goggles are recommended Avoid frequent contact with skin Wearing PVA coated gloves and an impervious apron are recommended Solvent cements have a limited shelf life and must be used prior to the expiration date Refer to printed warnings on cement can and Material Safety Datasheets for additional information WARNING Solvent cement and cleaners ARE HAZARDOUS, FLAMMABLE MATERIALS. Do not joint near naked names and avoid smoking in the working area. Do not use cements or cleaners in confined spaces. Concentrated vapours may cause dizziness.

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