Vesda Xtralis ICAM ILS Point in a Box ASD ILS-1

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Vesda VLF-250 or Vesda VLF-500. If you require 2 or more pipes, we could recommend either the Vesda VEP-A00-P or Vesda VEP-A10-P depending upon whether you wish to have a local display. Vesda Xtralis ICAM ILS Point in a Box ASD (ILS-1) The ICAM ILS by Xtralis is a stand-alone aspirating smoke detector supplied with Class C air sampling point-in-a- box smoke detection. It meets the unique needs of numerous applications including industrial spaces such as cell sites, small telecommunications and IT facilities, and underground stations. The XTRALIS ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector provides laser air-sampling smoke detection to meet the individual requirements of many industrial and commercial applications. ICAM ILS detectors are suitable for both medium sensitivity and multi-hole Class C applications. These detectors are compact, rugged, waterproof and extremely versatile making them suitable for both general coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwork. How it works ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detectors actively draw air via sampling a network of pipes. The air is filtered before being analysed by medium sensitivity laser spot (point) detectors that are incorporated into the system. Alert, Action or Fire alarm states are communicated through dry contact relays and indicated via LEDs on the detectors display. ILS detectors employ a powerful, high-performance aspirator and sophisticated, software configurable, flow monitoring circuitry. The system features a ten-element bar graph display that can be adjusted for low and high flow thresholds. Flow failure is reported as a device fault via dedicated fault relays. Configuration Options The ILS system is available with one inlet pipe (ILS-1) or two inlet pipes (ILS-2), and can be fitted with one or two detectors per system. The available options for the ILS-1 and ILS-2 systems are ILS-1 system -one or two laser point (spot) detectors ILS-2 system -two laser point (spot) detectors ILS-1 systems fitted with one laser point detector are capable of providing single area detection, but ILS-1 and ILS-2 systems fitted with two detectors can be configured for a number of detection strategies. Programming Diagnostics ICAM ILS detectors have three alarm levels. The sensitivity threshold for each alarm level, along with fan speed and flow sensitivity, can be individually programmed. ILS detectors can be configured locally using an integrated programming interface or configured and diagnosed via the well-known Xtralis VSC software via its USB interface. Key Features Single or dual channel smoke detection Class C air-sampling point in a box smoke detection Multiple detection strategies 100 m (328 ft) per sampling pipe Microprocessor controlled and programmed Highest fan capacity in its class Integral display and programmer Field serviceable air filter Adjustable aspirator speed with airflow monitoring IP65 enclosure

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