Vesda Xtralis ECO-SC-12-31 ECO Methane 0-100 LEL Oxygen 0-25 VOL Replacement Cartridge

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Vesda Xtralis
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Vesda Xtralis ECO-SC-12-31 ECO Methane (0-100 LEL) Oxygen (0-25 VOL) Replacement Cartridge An ECO replacement cartridge calibrated to detect Methane (CH4) between 0-100 LEL Oxygen (O2) between 0-25 VOL. VESDA ECO provides early warning of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas hazards to protect personnel and property whilst ensuring business continuity. In many facilities, unseen dangers exist from gases and other hazardous substances that can cause enormous damage and loss of life. VESDA ECO was developed to provide cost-effective gas detection and environmental monitoring in numerous applications and environments. VESDA ECO uses an existing or new aspirating pipe network to actively monitor for gas escapes and build-ups. Each ECO gas detector can house up to two gas sensors, and additional detectors can be added easily to the pipe network to monitor more gases if required. Pre-calibrated sensor cartridges are easily replaced in the field and make converting to different gas sensors or replacing sensors a simple task. Depending on site conditions the ECO filter cartridge can become contaminated and eventually block. This will reduce the ECOs ability to detect a threat. In particularly dirty environments the filter cartridge must be inspected regularly. To remove the Sensor Cartridge sub-assembly from the ECO Detector body, follow these instructions (Caution - Removing the lid of the Sensor cartridge sub-assembly will void the product warranty) Isolate the power connection to the ECO Detector. Remove the enclosure lid. This will reveal the ECO power and communications cabling. Lay these to the side of the Detector body to provide access to the Sensor Cartridge. Place index finger and thumb on each end of the sensor cartridge in the textured positions provided. Support the body of the ECO Detector with the other hand whilst carefully pulling the sensor cartridge. The cartridge can now be inspected, serviced and or replaced as is necessary. If the Cartridge is being replaced, ensure that the correct part is being fitted in its place. When refitting the cartridge in the ECO detector body, remember that the two parts are keyed such that they cannot be fitted in the incorrect orientation without excessive use of force. Having removed the Sensor cartridge from the body of the ECO detector as instructed above Gently pull the filter cartridge assembly away from the bottom of the Sensor cartridge. Be careful not to damage the exposed flow circuit sensors. Inspect, Service or replace the filter cartridge as required. To replace the filter cartridge within the Sensor cartridge sub-assembly, ensure that the filter cartridge is correctly orientated. With the filter correctly orientated and re-positioned carefully over the flow circuit sensors, gently push the filter assembly into the Sensor Cartridge. A positive click should be felt to indicate that the filter is firmly in position.

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