Vesda Xtralis 020-055 19 Enclosure for Sub-Rack 5 Rows

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Vesda Xtralis
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Vesda Xtralis 020-055 19 Enclosure for Sub-Rack 5 Rows 19 Subrack and Detector Enclosures to complement the VESDA range of detectors, displays and programmers a range of glass fronted enclosures are available. The 19-inch rack enclosures are designed to house up to 20 display and programmer modules in a wide variety of configurations to suit the particular requirements of a site where centralised control and monitoring of the VESDA system is required. Two versions are available 2 rack (up to 8 Modules) and 5 rack (up to 20 Modules). 19 Subracks (ordered separately as VSR-xxxx) are mounted on a swing frame for convenient connection of all the cables. Cable entry for 24VDC power, VESDAnet connection and interfacing to the relays is provided by a removable gland plate which is drilled as required on site. 19 Subracks and 3U blank panels must be ordered separately. Detector (or single remote display) Enclosure A detector enclosure is also available which incorporates a small glass window to view an on-board display. This detector enclosure enables a single detector (or remote module) to be installed in challenging environments where a high IP rating is required. The enclosure can accommodate a single VESDA VLP, VESDA VLS, VESDA VLC or VESDA VLF detector or a single remote module such as a VRT-200. It is supplied with all appropriate cable and pipe entries pre-drilled for each device -and enough plugs to blank off those holes not used. A kit of pipe fittings and instructions is supplied to ensure that the IP rating of the enclosure is maintained but cable glands are NOT supplied as they depend on the cable to be used.

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