Vesda Xtralis 020-050 IP66 Rated Enclosure

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Vesda Xtralis
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Vesda Xtralis 020-050 IP66 Rated Enclosure for VLP/VLS/VLC/VLF IP66 Rated Enclosure for VLP, VLS, VLC and VLF detectors. To complement the VESDA range of detectors, displays and programmers, an IP66 enclosure is available. This enclosure is built to accommodate either a VESDA VLP, VESDA VLS, VESDA VLC or VESDA VLF detector, or a Remote Module for a programmer or Display. The enclosure has a hinged door for easy access for installation and maintenance which includes a glass window to view an onboard display. It includes predrilled holes for inlet and exhaust ports and cable entries so that installation of a Detector/ Remote Module is a simple process requiring minimum tools. IP66 Rating (and NEMA) IP is defined under an international classification, IEC 60529, and characterizes levels of protection for electrical enclosures. The protection can be from fingers, dust or water. The standard classification designation is IP followed by two numbers which designate the level of protection. The first digit of the number designates protection from solid objects and the second digit designates protection from moisture. The levels for the first digit vary from 1 through 6 and the second digit 1 through 8 where a larger number means increased protection. The table below summarizes the various IP designations. Given that IEC 60529 does not specify degrees of protection against mechanical damage of equipment, risk of explosions, or conditions such as moisture (produced for example by condensation), corrosive vapours, fungus, or vermin and that the NEMA 250 Standard does test for environmental conditions such as corrosion, rust, icing, oil, and coolants, there is no direct correlation between the two of them. However, it may be considered that an IP66 equates to a NEMA 4. Key Features IP66 Detector Enclosure Includes fittings The main enclosure houses all the key components of the detector

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