Patol MCM35 Memory Card Module - ASD535 Only 4000285-0101P

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Patol MCM35 Memory Card Module - ASD535 Only (4000285-0101P) The optional MCM35 memory card module allows extensive long-term smoke level recordings (e.g. smoke and airflow values) to be stored directly on the SD memory card and analysed on your PC. When an MCM35 Memory Card Module is installed in the ASD535 Aspirating Smoke Detector, operating data (e.g. long-term logging of smoke concentration, airflow, and event memory data) of the ASD535 is logged. The MCM35 requires no programming. As soon as the MCM35 is electrically connected to the ASD535 and the SD memory card is inserted, data logging begins. Key Features Includes industrial SD card.

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