Patol ASD535-4 Dual Sensor Full Display with SSD535-3 Detectors

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Patol ASD535-4 Dual Sensor Full Display with SSD535-3 Detectors The ASD 535 (Aspirating Smoke Detector) is the new generation of highly sensitive, active smoke detection system. It offers application specific sensitivity adjustment alongside pre-signalling and pollution analyses. The ASD 535 detects even minuscule glowing and smouldering fires and can be deployed practically anywhere. The ASD 535 consists of one or two independent sampling lines with sampling apertures, each with a highly sensitive smoke sensor. Air flow monitoring ensures that the sampling lines are constantly checked for pipe breakage and the sampling holes monitored for pollution. A high-performance ventilator draws the air from the room or facility being monitored through the sampling line to the evaluating processor unit. There the air is continuously evaluated by the smoke sensors. The display and control panel of the evaluating processor unit indicates the smoke concentration of the sampled air and other alarm, fault and status messages. Any increase in the smoke concentration is detected very early. Three pre-alarms and two main alarms can be programmed for each and signalled via volt free relays contacts. There are four expansion slots for accommodating modular 1 x network card, 1 x memory card and 2 relay cards. The ASD 535 is ideal for property and space surveillance thanks to its excellent response behaviour and is used whenever conventional point-type smoke detectors cannot be used. This may be due for example to ambient conditions (too hot, too cold, too dirty) or because operating conditions are such that access is highly restricted (prisons, false ceilings, clean rooms, laboratories, high rack storage facilities, etc.). Or because lightning-fast detection is required, e.g. in data centres. Key Features Latest generation of universal aspiration smoke detectors 1 or 2 sampling lines with separate sensors and air flow monitoring EN54-20 classes A, B and C Vds certified calculation software ASD PipeFlow enables efficient, asymmetrical pipe layout 4 alarm levels (3 pre-alarms and 2 alarms) Resolution 0.001/m Insensitive to pollutants thanks to particle suppression Auto-learning function Low noise level, compliant with ISO 11690-1 Refined smoke detection thanks to HD sensor (high-dynamic technology) Low power consumption High performance suction (400 Pa vacuum) Individually replaceable

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