Patol Analogue LDM-519-ACT-N Fire Zone Monitor with Actuation Output

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Patol Analogue LDM-519-ACT-N Fire Zone Monitor with Actuation Output The ACT-N controller is designed to monitor a zonal length of Analogue Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) for elevated temperature states. Two adjustable levels of alarm are provided (A1 A2), one of which may be optionally employed as a Pre-Alarm. The LHDC is also monitored for fault conditions (open short circuit). The Controller is provided with an output for the initiation of extinguishing media. This Actuation Output is primarily intended for the use with electrically operated chemical protractors (Metrons). The ACT-N has fault monitoring circuitry appropriate to the series firing of these devices using an All Fire actuation loop configuration. LHDC is of coaxial construction and is used in conjunction with an end of line (EOL) terminator. The Controller provides early warning of hot spots and fire conditions on short sections of the overall LHDC zone length. Maximum LHDC zone length for Analogue cable is 500M. The modular form of the unit enables it to be provided in a variety of bespoke housings and readily integrated into special control panels. Key Features Two level alarm set points Adjustable alarm set point actuation loop monitoring Extinguishant actuation output LED indication of Fire, Fault and Supply status Separate LHDC Monitoring Actuation supplies electrically isolated Wide dc supply operation (positive earthed) Monitoring -20Vdc to -60Vdc Actuation -20Vdc to 130Vdc Fault monitoring for open and short circuits Selectable latching/auto reset operation VFC relay outputs for fire and fault conditions

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