Kidde Airsense Stratos-Micra 100 Relay Input Card

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Stratos-Micra 100 Relay Input Card Stratos-Micra 100 has two pipe inlets and supports a maximum of 100 metres of sampling pipe. Stratos-Micra will be available with an optional Piped Exhaust type Docking Station. This is primarily intended to allow the Stratos-Micra detector to sample from areas which may be at different air pressure to the detector location. Typical uses are for air-duct sampling and allowing the installation of the detector in under-floor or ceiling voids or when sampling from pieces of computer related equipment. Stratos-Micra will provide four alarm level outputs and a fault output to the fire alarm panel. Relays for Fire 1 and Fault are fitted as standard. When an addressable panel is used the Addressable Protocol Interface Card (APIC) is used to communicate using the addressable protocol. By using the APIC means that the alarm and fault relays can be used for other purposes. Stratos-Micra is supplied with comprehensive diagnostic facilities as standard. By simply plugging a PC into the serial port display diagnostic menus will give the capability of fault finding down to individual component level. ClassiFire-3D may be viewed working in real time. It is also possible to view a detailed chart recorder of historical smoke levels showing date, time and alarm thresholds. Key Features Small, low cost aspirating smoke detector for easy and discreet installation High sensitive provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning Two sampling pipes (100m aggregate) for flexibility Unique ClassiFire perceptive artificial intelligence system that dynamically adjusts the detectors operating parameters allowing for day to day changes in the protected environment and the system contamination Unwanted alarms from dust are avoided using patented dual technology LDD 3D laser dust discrimination and elimination system

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