Kidde Airsense Quick Release Airline Valve 9-10976

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Kidde Airsense Quick Release Airline Valve 9-10976 When the aspirating smoke detection system is installed in a dirty or dusty environment, the sampling pipes and sampling holes can get obscured over a period of time by the various airborne particles. As a result it is recommend to clean the sampling pipes and holes by blowing low pressure compressed air in the reverse direction through the sampling pipes. The connection of the compressed air to the sampling pipe and the release of excess air at the end of the sampling pipe can be cumbersome. With introduction of the Quick Release Airline Valve (9-30976), the 3-4Large Check Valve (9-10978) and 3-4Large 2 Way Ball Valve (9-10980) this does not need to be the case anymore. The quick release airline valve is installed close to the detector. During maintenance the detector can be switched-off and the valve closed to prevent any damage to the detector during the clearing process. The low pressure compressed air can now be easily connected to the quick release. At the far end of the sampling pipe the 3-4large check valve or 3-4large 2 way ball valve can be used. The check value is the easiest to use, as it will automatically open to release excess pressure during the cleaning process, and does not require any human interaction. In some cases the check valve might not be suitable, and then the 2 way ball valve can be used to manually open the far end of the sampling pipe. Key Features Easy connection of airline Robust ball valve to protect ASD For use with 9-10978 - check valve

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