Kidde Airsense EST-PS48800 Power Supply

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Kidde Airsense EST-PS48800 Power Supply EST-PSM48 Power Supply Manager is designed for distribution of DC Power Supply from Power Supply Units (PSU) and a back-up battery. The unit controls battery charging and distributes power supply to all Voice Evacuation System (VES) equipment at max 60 A. When the system uses battery back-up, the power supplied is 3.2 kW (48 V). The unit complies with the EN 54-4 VES standards and also EN 12101-10 Smoke and Heat Control System standards. As a main source of energy distribution, the manager uses external modules 800 W (EST-PS48800) for 48 V. As a source of stand-by power supply it uses the battery bank of the capacity of up to 200 Ah. EST-PSM48 cooperates with the 4 x 12 V VRLA battery bank. It maintains the bank in charged condition, ensures temperature compensation of charging parameters and monitors serial resistance of the battery and its wiring as specified in Exhibit No. A2 to the EN54-4 Standard. EST-PSM48 co-operates with up to 4 modules of EST-PS4880 Power Supply Units. The manager ensures safe connection for the purpose of parallel operations and monitors the output parameters of each power supply unit. EST-PS48800 is designed for assembling in a dedicated EST-PF4 Power Supply Unit Frame. The elements of the system are designed for assembling in a Rack 19 IP30-type. Key Features Power consumption 885 W max. (3.85 A) AC power supply 230 VAC 10 -15, 50/60Hz, 3.85 A Wire with IEC 60320 C13 3x0,75 mm2 coupling (supplied with the unit) Certification EN54-4 Standards EN12101-10

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