Kidde Airsense EST-PA1650B Power Amplifier D-Class 1x650 Watt

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Kidde Airsense EST-PA1650B Power Amplifier D-Class 1x650 Watt The Amplifiers are designed for perfect integration into the EST solutions. Thanks to their flexibility, they can also be used for any other Public Address and Voice Evacuation applications. These amplifiers have been developed to meet the specific requirements of the EN 54-16 standard for safety installations. The EST-PAXXXXB is a family of 2U, rack mountable, 8-channel (ESTPA8080B, ESTPA-8160B), 4 channel (EST-PA4160B), 2 channel (high power EST-PA2650B) and 1 channel (EST-PA1650B) class-D transformer isolated power amplifiers for 50 V and 100 V distributed loudspeaker systems. Amplifier EST-PA8080B can deliver up to 8 x 80 W, for EST-PA8160B and EST-PA2650B delivering power increases respectively to the 8 x 160 W and 2 x 650 W. In a bridged mode amplifier channels are combined and can deliver 4 x 160 W for ESTPA8080B, 4 x 320 W for EST-PA8160B and 1 x 1300 W for ESTPA2650B. These amplifiers have 48 VDC input which allows to connect with battery backup system for maximum availability and durability in a voice evacuation system. The EST-PAXXXXB amplifiers are powered from external power supply module EST-PS48800 working in a block. The current from block is distributed to individual amplifiers through the power manager EST-PSM48 (device includes a battery charger and is in compliance with EN 54-4). Key Features Front panel indicators include Supply / Active / Fault 100 / 50 Volt available via terminal blocks at the rear EST-PAXXXXB combines with the EST-PSM48 Power Supply Manager (charger and back-up supply)

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