Kidde Airsense EST-CU-8LCD Control Unit - 8 Control Slots / 4 Function Slots

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Kidde Airsense EST-CU-8LCD Control Unit - 8 Control Slots / 4 Function Slots EST-CU-8LCD Control Unit (CU) is a matrix mixer of input signals which routes to 4 x 100 V internal audio buses, a 45-channel digital system buses or directly to audio outputs in a unit. In basic factory configuration, EST-CU-8LCD is a stand-alone system which enables only connections with DFMS and zone microphones. For networking with other CU optional xNet card is needed. The CU is equipped with 1x EST-xCtrLine-4 card in slot 1, 1x ESTAudIO-4/8-RS card in slot A and 1x EST-LogIN-8f card in slot B. Slot C and D can extend control unit audio dsp abilities up to 24 audio outputs / 12 audio inputs. Slots from 2 to 7 are free for any cards assignment (EST-xCtrLine-2/4 and EST-xLogIN/OUT). Furthermore, EST-CU-8LCD is equipped with an LCD touch screen with a control module, which allows easy access to management functions and monitoring of the whole system. Key Features Network-based system allowing configuration, diagnostics and management via Ethernet Managing up to 254 devices on the network 7 slots available for any configuration of loudspeaker control cards, control input and output cards Additional 2 slots designated for audio input/output cards and control input / output cards Up to 8 messages played simultaneously in different zones Up to 32GB SD flash memory designated for playback and recording messages (48 kHz, 16 bit) Support of up to 12 secured amplifiers Optional equipment EST-xNET-1Gb/WAN/RS for optical fibre redundant connection Integrated DSP with implemented 3 band parametric EQ on all inputs on control units, 8 band parametric EQ, delay lines, audio limiter and feedback eliminator on each of the audio outputs Comprehensive solution based on RS485 functionality enabling seamless integration of the EST ENT VES system with 3rd party systems thanks to implementation of standard and proprietary communication interfaces

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