Apollo XPander Red Sounder with Mounting Base - XPA-CB-14001-APO

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Apollo XPander Red Sounder with Mounting Base - XPA-CB-14001-APO The XPander Sounder and Sounder Base is a wireless and designed to be used with XPander detectors and manual call points. Brand Information XPander incorporates entirely new designs with respect to the wireless communication system. A Radio Interface is connected to the loop. It communicates with the control panel using the Apollo addressable two-wire power and communications system. The interface communicates with the detection and alarm signalling devices by means of radio waves. The detectors are multistate in that they report normal, pre-alarm, fire or fault states to the radio base which transmits the information to the interface. The detectors incorporate drift compensation and report any compensation limit occurring. The radio bases and signalling devices are addressable and use a pre-set analogue value to report via the XP95 or Discovery protocol. Apart from normal and fire the bases can send pre-set analogue values to indicate low battery, detector contaminated, detector tamper and low signal strength fault conditions. Operation XPander sounders can be wall or ceiling mounted and use a bi-directional monitored radio platform to communicate. They feature 32 selectable tones, including the Apollo tone, and a self test which causes a fault signal to be sent if the sounders fail to operate. The self-test feature is activated by a DIL Switch. Individual parts may be ordered separately. Key Features Wireless Bi-directional (monitored) radio platform Choice of 32 selectable tones Audible self-test available Output is between 92 and 106dB(A) at 1m - dependent on tone setting

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