Apollo XP95 Beacon Base with Isolator - 45681-333APO

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Apollo XP95 Beacon Base with Isolator - 45681-333APO The Visual Indicator Base is a loop-powered visual indicator combined with a standard Intelligent Mounting Base. It is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas. The visual indicator base can be used with either a detector fitted or with a cap as a stand-alone alarm device. The base is loop powered so needs no external power supply. It operates at 17�28V DC and is polarity-sensitive. Device Addressing The Base responds to its own individual address set with a DIL switch. It also responds to a group address, set by means of a 4-segment DIL switch and to a synchronisation address which is embedded in the unit. Addresses 1 to 111 are used exclusively for individual addresses addresses 112 to 126 are used for group addressing, while the synchronisation address, to which all units respond, is 0. Any Beacon Base on a loop may be freely assigned to a group. The address for any group must be chosen from the range 112�126. Addresses 112�126 may be used as individual addresses but only if the 4-segment DIL switch is not used ie, group addressing is disabled. If the 4-segment DIL switch were set to any number other than the default 127, a pre-set analogue value of 4 would be transmitted to indicate a fault. The Base is normally polled by its individual address. It responds as described below. It is recommended that the synchronisation address 0 be sent by the control panel at regular intervals to align the internal clock of all sounders. The result is that the beacons are synchronised with each other when activated. Key Features Visual indicator flash rate of once per second Synchronisation of visual indicator flash Individual and group addressing Unique visual indicator self-test Loop-powered Built-in Isolator

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