Apollo Soteria XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base SA5000-200APO

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Apollo Soteria XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base SA5000-200APO All detectors in the Soteria, XP95 and Discovery range fit into the XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base. The base has a wide interior diameter for ease of access to cables and terminals. The E-Z Fit feature allows you to fit the base screws, place the XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base over the screws, slide it into place and tighten the screws. The detector requires a clockwise rotation into the base for fitting. Additionally the detector can be locked into the base for increased security, by a grub-screw using a 1.5mm hexagonal driver. The XPERT 8 card, part number 38532-064, supplied with the base, has pre-punched pips to remove to set the address. Refer to the Coding Guide for details on how to set the address. Backwards Compatibility Soteria detectors have been designed to operate on XP95 and Discovery loops. This allows for Soteria detectors and bases to operate on existing systems and for Soteria detectors to operate on XP95 and Discovery bases (XPERT 7 Intelligent Mounting Base). It should be noted that not all features of Soteria will be available when used with XP95 or Discovery fire control panels. If Soteria detectors are used with XP95 fire control panels incorporating drift compensation algorithms, these must be disabled when communicating with Soteria devices. When Soteria detectors are used with an XPERT 7 Intelligent Mounting Base on a CoreProtocol system, Soteria devices will have a 128 address offset due to only 7 address pips being available on the XPERT 7 card. For example, an XPERT 7 card set at 32 will address as 160 on CoreProtocol with Soteria detectors. Key Features Compatibility with Soteria, XP95 and Discovery detectors Isolated and Non-isolated devices supported Isolated wiper - maintains loop connectivity during temporary removal of devices XPERT 8 card for Core-Protocol E-Z Fit allows for simple mounting of the detector base after wiring Keyed to accept only addressable devices Base mark allows for LED detector alignment

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