Apollo Soteria Heat Detector Isolated SA5100-400

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Apollo Soteria Heat Detector Isolated SA5100-400 The SOTERIA Heat Detector features two heat sensors located laterally to ensure good heat detection in all orientations. Backwards Compatibility Soteria detectors have been designed to operate on XP95 and Discovery loops. This allows for Soteria detectors and bases to operate on existing systems and for Soteria detectors to operate on XP95 and Discovery bases (XPERT 7 Intelligent Mounting Base). It should be noted that not all features of Soteria will be available when used with XP95 or Discovery fire control panels. If Soteria detectors are used with XP95 fire control panels incorporating drift compensation algorithms, these must be disabled when communicating with Soteria devices. When Soteria detectors are used with an XPERT 7 Intelligent Mounting Base on a CoreProtocol system, Soteria devices will have a 128 address offset due to only 7 address pips being available on the XPERT 7 card. For example, an XPERT 7 card set at 32 will address as 160 on CoreProtocol with Soteria detectors. Key Features Dual heat sensors Utilises digital CoreProtocol communications Compatible with XP95 and Discovery systems Compatible with existing fire control panels Mechanically compatible with existing bases Available with or without integrated switchable isolator Tri-coloured LED status indicator Polycarbonate moulding for colour stability and strength Comprehensively tested to exceed EN 54-5 standard FasTest for quicker testing of detectors XPERT card addressing or auto addressing Locking mechanism (grub screw)

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