Apollo Cat O. XP95 Sounder VAD Base with Isolator -45681-705APO

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Apollo Cat O. XP95 Sounder VAD Base with Isolator -45681-705APO The XP95 Sounder VAD Base is a loop-powered sounder and EN 54-23 approved VAD combined with a standard intelligent mounting base. It is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas. You can perform a Self Test this is an important safety feature which has been incorporated into the Sounder VAD Bases when it is switched on it tests itself by checking the actual sound output and flash operation. There are 3 possible outcomes from the test, if the transmitter reads A value of 1 (Sounder fault) this means there was no sound detected in 5 seconds of the sounder being switched on. A value of 2 (VAD fault) means there is no current being drawn by the LEDs. A value of 3 (Sounder and VAD fault) where neither of the above elements are operating correctly. If no sound is detected within 5 seconds of the Sounder VAD Bases being switched on it will transmit an analogue value of 1 ( sounder fault) when it is next polled. This feature can also be used during commissioning or periodical maintenance testing. Simply activate the Sounder VAD for at least 5 seconds and check the control panel for a fault signal. If none is received, the Sounder VAD Base is working properly. Key Features EN54-23 approved Flash rate of 0.5Hz Synchronisation of 'alert' and 'evacuate' tones Synchronisation of visual indicator flash Individual and group addressing Unique acoustic and VAD self-test Built in isolator

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