Apollo 45681-332APO Intelligent Sounder Visual Indicator Base Slow Whoop with Isolator

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Apollo 45681-332APO Intelligent Sounder Visual Indicator Base Slow Whoop with Isolator The Sounder Visual Indicator Base is a loop-powered sounder and visual indicator combined with a standard Intelligent Mounting Base. It is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas. Electrical Description The Sounder Beacon Base is loop powered so needs no external power supply. It operates at 17�28V dc and is polarity-sensitive. Mechanical Construction The Sounder Beacon Base are moulded in polycarbonate and has stainless steel contacts that accept solid or stranded cables of up to 2.5mm-2. Application The low volume range is useful in areas such as hospitals where a fire alert is initially intended to warn staff only. The sounder is set to the high range for general use. Synchronisation of tones ensures the integrity of the signal-tones from different sounders do not merge into one signal that could be mistaken for a different tone. Group addressing is a simple method of alerting an entire area or group of rooms without delay. For systems requiring isolators at every point the built-in isolator saves installation time and cost. The acoustic self-test means that the sounder listens to itself when it is switched on. If no sound is detected a fault signal is transmitted when the sounder is polled. The beacon self-test is achieved by means of an LED monitoring circuit. If the LEDs do not draw current when the sounder beacon base has been switched on a fault signal is transmitted when the device is next polled. Communication XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol compatible Key Features Two volume ranges 55-75dB(A) and 75-91dB(A) Visual indicator flash rate of once per second Synchronisation of 'alert' and 'evacuate' tones Synchronisation of visual indicator flash Individual and group addressing Unique acoustic and visual indicator self-test Built-in Isolator

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